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10 Big Problems Faced by DealMakers


By Sebastian Amieva

  • TIME. Wasting time and wondering how to minimize the amount of time spent on initially evaluating the deals. 
  • CAPITAL. Lack of capital for the down payment.
  • LENDERS. Can not find reliable lenders.
  • DEAL TEAM. ¨With the right people everything is possible¨ Richard Branson
  • MINDSET. Not having the belief in yourself, in your circumstances, that you could make it happen. Too afraid to do the first move.
  • ACQUISITION CRITERIA. Can't decide which niche-industry.
  • DELEGATION. Do not know how to delegate, build the management team or hiring a potential CEO to run the business for you.
  • DEALFLOW. Finding the right motivated sellers. Finding off market deals.
  • DEAL STRUCTURE. Lack of knowledge to find the terms of the agreement between you and the seller.
  • OTHER. Brokers, Accountants and Lawyers get in the way of doing deals making simple things difficult.

I completely understand the biggest challenges of buying a business, I learned to avoid many of the potholes that exist and I will explain some of these points to you here and based on my own experiences working with high level entrepreneurs and closing Multi Million deals.

Hope this helps! If you need help just reach out to me!

Sebastian Amieva

mergers and acquisitions consultant