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7 Best Ways To Find Motivated Sellers in Nowadays

By Sebastian Amieva

  • Price – The seller is ready to list their business at a lower price, usually 10-30% below market value.
  • Terms – The seller is willing to offer favorable sale terms such as financing, 0% interest, or no money down
  • Timeline – The seller wants to complete the transaction as fast as possible

To provide you with a little more insight, the following are some of the reasons why people are motivated to sell a business:

  • Life situations – Sellers are motivated to sell quickly due to factors like separation, divorce, and the birth or death of a family member.
  • Relocation – When a new job requires relocation, the property owner might want to sell quickly.
  • The threat of foreclosure – When a business owner cannot keep up with payments, they will want to sell quickly in order to avoid foreclosure.
  • Inheritance – If an heir is unable to manage an inherited business, they will be eager to sell fast.

Hope this helps to find motivated sellers!

Sebastian Amieva

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