Mergers and acquisitions expert

How Do You Encourage Investors to Invest In Your Deal?

by Sebastian Amieva

Always remember an investor will only invest if he/she is satisfied with your vision and plans.

Before you contact any investors follow this 5 steps:

First Step:

  • Understanding what is the average asking price in the industry you are targeting.
  • Find a deal that is in the price range of what you are looking for or cheaper.
  • Add professionals on your board who understand the industry you are buying.

Second Step:

  • Build a data room.
  • Put together a summary of the deal you found. (called Teaser or one-pager).
  • Preliminary Due Diligence

Third Step:

  • Contact your lenders network to fully understand how much money you need to put as a down-payment and how much they will lend you, then you will know exactly how much money to ask the investors.

Fourth Step:

  • Approach investors via email (message template) schedule a call.
  • Share full data room - Information Memo
  • Set up terms for investors.

Fifth Step:

  • Deep Due Diligence
  • Apply for funding solutions (Lenders Network)
  • Start Drafting SPA
  • Closing the deal

Hope this helps to understand the entire process of onboarding investors.

Sebastian Amieva

mergers and acquisitions consultant